Android KitKat has great deals of juicy functions, we assist you and ensure you’re utilising the best Android Tips and Tricks.

Android 4.4 KitKat is stuffed with tweaks that can make your handset smarter, faster and simpler to make use of. The current variation is delivering with all 2014 designs and is in the procedure of being presented to existing handsets. Android Kitkat 4.4 is the most streamlined and full of rich features this new version of Google’s best mobile Operating System to this day, and features a lot of brand-new and interesting functions to make us very delighted in the differences and improvements. Not all of them are quickly apparent from the beginning. Below we will cover the most used Android Tips and Tricks fee free to leave your comments bellow or visit our main page on GS5Active.

*Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is running Android Kitkat 4.4 check out are review of this great smartphone.

Permit us to inform you on a few of the intriguing and beneficial ideas, techniques and tricks concealing in-side the operating software application. Get ready to discover a taste the future of smartphone software application. Numerous additions are buried in the settings menus and the Nexus 5 has some special functions. We take you with our leading 11 suggestions:

Android tips and tricks

Android tips and tricks

11 of the Best Android 4.4 KitKat, Android Tips and Tricks

1) Gain a simple speed boost by disabling animations.
The animations that happen as you move in between applications and screens could look rather, however they can slow you down – particularly as they basically compel you to wait a brief duration prior to relocating to another page or loading an application.

Android tips and tricks the good news is, it’s possible to minimize the time they run for or disable them entirely, both which will certainly make your handset feel much faster. Go to Settings) Developer Options and scroll down to the Drawing area. Discover the choices which describe animation scale (Window, Transition and Animator) and toggle them all to “Animation Off”. Your UI may not be as very in activity, however it will certainly be so quickly you might even have a hard time to maintain.

Gain an easy speed boost by disabling animations

Gain an easy speed boost by disabling animations

Android Tips and Tricks and Features Video

2) Use Wi-Fi to identify your area to conserve battery.
To alter this choice go to Settings) Location) Mode. The Battery Saving alternative is the one you really want unless precision is crucial.

Formerly with Android, identifying your area was based practically only on Global Positioning Service, which eats a reasonable quantity of battery from your smartphone. Android tips and tricks  now includes 3 modes to adjust this performance draining issues.

High precision utilizes Global Positioning Service, Wi-Fi and mobile network signal to obtain a location on where you current location is, while Device Only depends entirely on GPS. A Battery Saving mode is located in the middle, which deactivates the GPS and makes use of Wi-Fi and your current cellphone network – remarkably, this is very exact, and does not consume as much battery power as the current GPS styem. finding this is easy and can be found following the steps below




*Then select the one that fits your needs.

Use Wi-Fi to determine your location to save battery

Use Wi-Fi to determine your location to save battery

3) Record Video.

Android tips and tricks taking screenshots in Android is simple (press the volume down and home button). In KitKat it’s possible to tape video direct from your phone.

It’s beneficial for producing tutorials, reporting bugs or showing brand-new functions, however it’s challenging. You require to set up the Android Debug Bridge on your desktop.

Head to the Developer Mode in the Setting and make it possible for Debug Mode. Link your handset to a COMPUTER and you’re prepared after typing a couple of commands.

4) Keep track of your activities every day.
A really nice Android tips and tricks function is the ability to find your daily steps, in addition to differentiate in between strolling, running, biking and climbing up.

The simple Moves app from ProtoGeo, this will track your motions and whereabouts and provides you information on the number of steps you’ve taken, along with a visual “story” of your life.

5) Record your phone’s screen.

Screenshot in Android are simple before they use of to be super hard to perform – you needed to link your cellphone to your COMPUTER in order to get any type of image on your screen. Given that Android tips and tricks , we’ve had the dependable “Power button and Volume down together, however Android kitkat 4.4 has an even simpler approche – it showcases the capability to tape video from your screen.

As it is mostly intended at designers who desire to include video to their application listings, making the benefit of this native function is rather difficult – you’ll require to follow these exceptionally in-depth guidelines – however it’s a wise bonus offer.

6) Print wirelessly.

Despite just how much we currently understand from paperless files, there comes a time in everybody’s life when a digitally signed PDF simply isn’t really enough having a paper copy is needed.

*How to Print wirelessly from your Android Smartphone

The good news with Android kitkat 4.4 is it has cordless printing baked-in, with HP’s Cloud Printing application doing all the hard work. You’ll require a suitable printer obviously, and just specific apps support the function at present, however it’s undoubtedly rather useful to send out a file with the air and change it into a physical hard copy with absolutely nothing however your phone.

7) Change your launcher.

Android is the most flexible mobile OS around and you have the alternative to personalize the user interface.

If you do not like your maker UI, it’s possible to change the user interface with a third-party option.

Older variations of Android tips and tricks  made changing in between these launchers challenging, as you ‘d need to dive deep into the app choices menu and awkwardly switch over the defaults.

In Android 4.4, the procedure is streamlined. Download a launcher from the PlayStore (Editor’s Note: I such as Buzz launcher). In the primary Settings menu go to the Home alternative: tap this, and you’ll get a list of set up launchers. You can decide on away, and erase ones you do not require.

8) Taste the next generation with ART runtime.
Android uses Dalvik runtime by default, which is referred to as a “in the nick of time” compiler. That indicates it does all the application processing as and when it’s needed. Progressing, Google is wanting to utilize ART runtime, which is a “ahead of time” compiler. ART is really showcased in Android tips and tricks currently, however it’s not allowed by default – you’ll have to get in the Developer menu to change it on.

Your handset will certainly restart and it will certainly take a brief time to recompile your apps – you could even discover some stability concerns – however on the whole, ART ought to be quicker and friendly on your battery. As even more apps are optimised to utilize ART, you’ll discover it more helpful to utilize.

9) Delve into Developer Mode.

A new cool Android tips and tricks opening this menu feels a bit like hacking: open the Settings menu, head into About Phone, and scroll to the bottom– then tap Build Number 7 times in fast succession. (In some phones Build number is discovered in About)Software details). As soon as done, you discover a Developer Mode alternative in the Settings menu. This has actually numerous choices associated with efficiency and diagnostics.

The very first you’ll wish to alter is the Runtime, which figures out how applications and other jobs run. The default selection is Dalvik, which is a “in the nick of time” compiler that processes applications on the fly- however pick ART, and you need to see efficiency and battery enhancements thanks to its more reliable assembling.

Switch on Developer Mode

Switch on Developer Mode

10) Fire up Google Now with simply your voice.

It’s possible to trigger Google Now – Android tips and tricks response to Siri – just by stating “OKAY Google”. When you’re on the house screen, merely utter those 2 words and you’ll be triggered to talk your next command, which can be anything from requesting for Google to browse the internet to setting an alarm system for a certain time. Simply watch out for any frustrating pals screaming the very same expression when you’re attempting to do other things on your phone.

11) Android Kitkat 4.4 Process Stats and updates.

Get under the hood with Process Stats

Get under the hood with Process Stats

Cellphones are quite like computer systems in your pocket, in some cases it’s good to obtain detailed information on the current stats in order to get abetter understanding on what is really happening with your cellphone so you can make minor adjustments to your settings. With Android Kikat 4.4, Google included a section that will show you all your Stats within the Developer Menu, which includes all sort of info about which apps are running, exactly what processing they’re making use of and how long they’ve been running because you booted the phone. Perfect for who love there cellphone too much and wish to tweak their handset’s efficiency Android tips and tricks .