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what is esn on a cell phone

Our online glossary is right here to assist you understand the terms utilised in the cellular phone market what is esn on a cell phone. It covers mobile innovations, such as 3G and 4G, as well as consists of a little info on smartphone running systems and

What is a bad esn on a cell phone

Anyone who has gone to eBay to purchase a cell phone may have seen the words “bad ESN” in a listing title or description so what is a bad esn on a cell phone? You may have also noticed that these phones are usually priced significantly lower

How to Root: Any S5 and Galaxy S5 Active Root

The famed developer Geohot, the hacker that put Sony and the PS3 to shame, is back with a brand new root method for an array of Android devices we look at how ro on the  Galaxy S5 Active Root. The device in mind was a Galaxy S5,

How do you screenshot on samsung galaxy s5 Active

so you want to take a screenshot on your Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S5 Active? How do you screenshot on samsung galaxy s5 Active ? It’s just a couple buttons or a swipe away This Galaxy S5 trick is an old one, but a good one. And

Android Tips and Tricks

Android KitKat has great deals of juicy functions, we assist you and ensure you’re utilising the best Android Tips and Tricks. Android 4.4 KitKat is stuffed with tweaks that can make your handset smarter, faster and simpler to make use of. The current variation is delivering with