If you would like to keep your mobile phone secure from square one, spills, thumps, and drops, chances are high you’ll be purchasing a thick, heavy case so what is the Best Galaxy S5 Active. There merely aren’t that numerous genuinely rugged phones around these days, and the few that do lose do not have all the smarts. Linking these globes is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Its more powerful bodily style and exact same best-in-class specs as the Galaxy S5 make it a brawnier-than-average smartphone to pocket. Still, without a really rugged construction or deep sports methods, you would certainly be better off thinking of it as a hulkier Galaxy S5, than as a really invulnerable phone made merely for hardbodies.

SGS5 Active Features and Specs AT&T Mobile Video

Samsung never claims that the S5Active is a long lasting gadget, and the reality that the firm doesn’t skimp on the phone’s software program and equipment fixin’s speaks volumes. Samsung hopes that outdoorsy types will certainly move to the heart-rate screen, bodily gps buttons, and to the comfort trick that pulls up a compass, flashlight, and the electronic camera, yet truly, these advantage anybody. Like the original S5, this Active can hold up against brief dips in water, shocks, and dirty landscapes. check out our detailed review on SGS5Active

the Best Galaxy S5 Active gs5active colours

the Best Galaxy S5 Active gs5active colours

As a phone, the S5 Active’s imperfections are fairly small oversights, like a design that’s additional slippery compared to grippy, and the missed out on possibility to highlight cam modes for action and landscapes. Instead, Samsung keepings everything mainstream with snapdragon. If you’re desiring a high-end mobile phone with an edgier look that doesn’t need a different protective situation, get the Active. Or else, acquire the phone you desire and find a situation that fits your rough-and-tumble way of life.

For now, the Best Galaxy S5 Active offers in the US with AT&T for $200 with a brand-new, two-year deal amazon is offering them contract free.

What’s the Best Galaxy S5 Active on Amazon ?

PictureGS5 Active ColourNetworkFree MemoryRamPriceRating

S5 Active, Camo Green 16GB (AT&T)
AT&T16GB2GB$199.99 – $649.994.5

S5 Active, Titanium Gray 16GB (AT&T)
AT&T16GB2GB$199.99 – $649.994.5

S5 Active, Ruby Red 16GB (AT&T)
AT&T16GB2GB$199.99 – $649.994.5

What’s the Best Galaxy S5 Active Final Thought

The Great Part The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has a sturdy construct, excellent bodily controls, and a convenience key that double as an electronic camera shutter. Inside, it has the very same top-tier specifications as the Galaxy S5.

The Bad Part It does not have a fingerprint scanner, it’s slippery, and aside from its tougher visual, the S5 Active isn’t really a lot more durable or athletically-minded compared to other dust- and waterproof mobile phones.

The Bottom Line Though it’s only somewhat a lot more long lasting than the initial Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 Active’s physical buttons and high-end functions keeping it in Samsung’s hit parade.